How to better manage your NetApp data 

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Many IT admins have had their day ruined by users asking a simple question: “Where did my file go?” It’s a common request: users delete files by mistake, drag and drop them into the wrong sub-directory, overwrite a new file with an old one, and so on.

It’s easy to understand the problem, but not so easy to solve it. In NetApp file environments, there is no central file catalog that lets you easily find and restore one or more files.


All you can do is spend time looking for the file needle in the storage haystack, or – as often happens – simply deny the recovery request.

As the amount of unstructured data we hold continues to grow managing it is becoming an increasingly difficult task.

Catalogic RestoreManager can help you to solve that problem, easy to deploy, use and commercially attractive in price, it provides you with a central catalog that enables you to discover what's housed in your NetApp estate and quickly and effectively find the data you need, whether you need it for data recovery, discovery or to meet compliance requests, RestoreManager can make that much simpler than native ONTAP tools.

You've made a smart decision in using NetApp, RestoreManger can make it even smarter.

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Image by Joshua Sortino