Wednesday 20th July 2016 At the Cotton Exchange, Liverpool
& Wednesday 27th July 2016 At Workplace, Manchester, M1



All businesses today face major challenges around data, how they continue to handle its growth, how to ensure it is available in the right place at the right time, how to ensure it is suitably protected and of course, how to ensure we maintain security, governance and control.


For those who work with data this heavily regulated, the data problem is even more complex. This is why, together with our partners, we are hosting a special workshop for those that deal with financial and legal data, be that at a company that operates in those markets or you deal specifically with that data in a none financial or legal services business.


Join a room full of your peers as we hear:
  • How and where do we store our data

  • How to identify what we hold, where it is and who has access

  • The challenges of regulation and how it affects these choices

  • Open discussion - What differences does the EU referendum result make?



Helping us to drive the debate, we will be joined by:
  • Those responsible for data in their organisations (including the Technical Lead at a global bank)

  • Those who work on technical strategy in major businesses in this sector 

  • Data storage and management industry leaders who will share how the latest technology trends are helping tackle these major challenges.


Are you facing one of these challenges?
  • Exponential data growth

  • Evolving regulations

  • Increased competition

  • Fluctuating customer demands

  • Trying to understand how mobile, cloud, big data, and flash technologies can help you run and grow your business

  • Flat or shrinking IT budgets




"This event will not only provide you with expert advice but give you a unique chance to share with your peers and industry leaders the very latest in data strategy."


Come join us at one of our two North West Workshops

Liverpool - Cotton Exchange 20th July 8.30am - 11.30am

Manchester - Workplace 27th July 8.30am - 11.30am



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