Can you recover from Ransomware?

This session is now available on-demand (running time 30 minutes)

Ransomware is all around us and your NetApp shares are a prime target.  End-point malware protection software is no longer enough to protect your organization’s data and reverting to a snapshot from 7 days ago is a rarely acceptable solution to your users.


Join us for an overview of a purpose-built ransomware protection solution for NetApp, where we will discuss how to detect ransomware, prevent an outbreak, quickly and easily without impacting your good data. 


If you are not sure what files are in your existing NetApp snapshots and mirrors – we’ve also got a solution to index them.  


CryptoSpike is a cost-effective machine-learning driven way to identify and block threats, stop the spread of attacks, and easily recover just the affected files, while giving you a full view and tracking of any suspected user’s activity.


RestoreManager creates a searchable index of NetApp files, which can be restored with a single click.  This works across multiple snapshot copies such as SnapVault, SnapMirror, etc. Plus providing data analytics.


Enjoy our on-demand video and if you have any question please ask your Gardner Systems contact or fill in our simple contact form on the main Tech Videos page.

Image by Michael Geiger