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Catalogic Software is a world leader in 'intelligent copy data solutions', it is also one of Gardner Systems key partners and an excellent solution for our clients that compliments and works alongside a number of other software services we provide, including some IBM and NetApp solutions. Catalogic are leaders in 'Copy Data Management', and because of todays copy data crisis, have set about creating a variety of solutions to help you understand and manage your data. 

So What is Copy Data?

One of the main issues with data in business today, is the management of 'copy data'. 'Copy data' is essentialy all the data not in use (such as backup files, replica's of documents, data recovery files, test and development copies, etc.). With so many versions of valuable data it is very easy for documents to get lost, stolen or mishandled. This is where 'Copy Data Management' solutions come in to play. Catalogic have created a solution to centralise and manage your copy data securely.

For more information on Copy Data Management you can download the free white paper on the right or click here for the latest news.


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