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Gardner has partnered with Catalogic Software for more than ten years. The reason why is simple; their tailored software enhancements offer our clients unparalleled enhancement on their already world beating NetApp storage solutions. They frequently achieve this at a fraction of the cost of similar solutions.


Outstanding technology is not the only reason we invest time and effort in Catalogic; our business relationship with them is predicated on their sustained willingness to help and support our clients in a professional and caring manner. This means a great deal in a world where such convictions are less and less appreciated.

It's not just Catalogic's own technology that is delivering value to our customers, their new strategic relationship with ProLion also means we can bring a range of advanced data management capabilities to our customers, especially those running NetApp's ONTAP operating system.


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Gardner Partners with Catalogic to offer improved data security and management to NetApp users

Tools for ONTAP

Protecting NetApp Users from Ransomware with CryptoSpike

Ransomware is a hot topic and hits all manner of business’s both public and private causing financial and reputational damage.  File systems on NetApp are a target and are vulnerable to such attacks.


CryptoSpike provides blocking and detection of Ransomware across the NetApp file systems, ensuring that an attack is identified and quickly remedied.  As part of its AI capabilities, CryptoSpike also enables you to track all user activity on your file system (reads, writes, deletes etc), providing full visibility of your users activity. 

For more information download our CryptoSpike PDF.

Restore Manager

Provides a full catalogue and detailed reporting on your NetApp file system (CIFS & NFS Data)

Trying to find a file in your NetApp environment can be like finding a needle in a haystack.  Restore manager creates a full catalogue of the entire environment meaning that searching and recovering data is made instant and easy.


In addition we can provide detailed reporting from the catalogued information, such as data by age, size, type, last accessed.  How much of your data is stale and taking up valuable primary storage resource?  We can show you where it lives and provide ways to move it out to a less expensive storage medium.

If you require any further advice around Catalogic Solutions from Gardner, we will be pleased to arrange a no obligation discussion, webinar or on-site demonstration at your convenience. You can call us on 0151 220 5552 or fill in your details below and we will be happy to contact you.


Data management and protection is a complex issue and we specialise in advising our clients on their best options.

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