How Cloud Ready Are You? 

Join our Workshop on Tuesday 9th October and get some tips on how to develop your plan for integrating cloud into your businesses strategy.

Data Cloud

Many of us want to use cloud in our business for some we are just starting that journey and for us we have fully embraced a cloud first strategy.


However the reality for most of us, is to integrate cloud into our existing IT infrastructure comes with a range of challenges.

In our latest workshop, in association with our friends at NetApp, we ask “How Cloud Ready Are You?”.

Developing the right cloud strategy remains a significant challenge, the range of providers and their services continues to grow rapidly, providing an almost endless amount of choice to what we can achieve in the public cloud.

However with that choice comes concerns, as while the flexibility and opportunity to innovate in the cloud is attractive, we need to ensure we maintain all of the enterprise class services that we are used to in our own data center, from resilience to security, from backup to governance.

In our latest workshop we look to address many of the common queries and concerns we see faced as people trial to navigate their way through building a suitable cloud strategy.

Join Gardner Systems and data management leaders NetApp as we share with you how to plan tackle the integration of cloud into your business strategy.

During the workshop we will cover many of the most common issues when it comes to cloud;


  • What is cloud? 

  • Who are the players and what are the benefits and drawbacks?

  • What could and what shouldn’t go into the cloud?

  • Once in can I get out again?

  • How do we integrate on-premises data with the cloud and why it’s useful.

  • How do we build resilience into our cloud data storage?

  • How do we maintain crucial data management services in the public cloud?

  • How do we manage and reduce our cloud costs?

  • Protection of key services with the cloud.

  • The future of cloud using analysis and AI service.

This workshop may help to guide you through a range of the main cloud questions and concerns ourselves and our colleagues at NetApp have experienced and can help you to define a cloud strategy that works for you.

Business Meeting

If you'd like help building your cloud strategy, then join us at this exclusive Gardner workshop in association with Biscon.


Location: Gardner Systems 

Date: 9th October 2018

Time: 9.30am - 12:00pm 


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