Covid-19 Response

Gardner Systems, along with all of our customers are going through a period of re-adjustment as we look at how to care for our families and those close to us, while still maintaining our day to day operations, the health and welfare of our friends, families and staff are at the forefront of our minds. However, we are also aware that enterprises also need to find new ways to continue and adjust to rapidly changing circumstances.​

At Gardner's we are fortunate enough to be able to allow our staff to work from home, with our main IT and telephony systems providing that flexibility, but also to use any office space as needed and within government guidelines. All of this means that we are able to continue as near to normal operations as we can.​

Therefore, if you do need any kind of help during these very challenging times or just someone to chat with, our team are on hand as usual to assist in any way we can.​

This page will provide you with resources and examples of solutions our customers have found to dealing with their own challenges and solutions we can offer to help. We will also post here any latest changes to our own working practices that may effect services we can offer.​

Stay safe and healthy and if you need our help a call costs nothing and we'll be happy to listen.​

The Gardner Systems Team

What we've learned in lockdown
(on-demand running time 30 minutes)

Our working landscape has changed hugely during our period of lockdown it has been a time of rapid adjustment finding new ways to work and operate safely.

How do you keep up with what people have learnt and what some of the ideas are for the challenges still to deal with?


In this video Paul Stringfellow is joined by a panel of Frank Coward (Gardner CEO), Jason Fitzgerald (Gardner Technical Consultant) and Steve Lambert (Biscon Business Continuity Consultant) to discuss their experiences so far, what they have learnt working with a variety of enterprises and what some of the challenges still to come are.

If you have any questions from the video don't hesitate to ask your Gardner Contact or fill in the form at the bottom of this page.

Gardner Open Calls

During these challenging times it is important to keep open channels for communication. Be it requiring to purchase something, technical advice, or just to have a chat with someone about their experience it's crucial that we make that possible.


Image by Allie Smith

With that in mind we have run a twice (Tue & Thur 10.30am) weekly open call for our customers to take 30 minutes to join us for a general chat, a catch up, a sounding board for you to speak with others in the same boat trying to navigate through the remarkable circumstances we find ourselves with.

Over the weeks this has been a hugely valuable resource for our customers to share ideas and advice with their peer group on the challenges they've faced and how they are overcoming them.

Look out for call details from your Gardner contact and if you haven't received them drop them an email and make sure they send them over. As the saying goes "it's good to talk" and now, perhaps more than ever.


Stay safe and join us if you can.

Returning to the Office?

As lockdown restrictions begin to ease some of us will be planning a return to their more traditional working environments (bearing in mind if you can work from home you should continue to do so) but if you need to open up your office there are a lot of things to consider, some obvious, some not so.


If you are planning a return to your normal working environment than maybe our handy Infographic can help you with 7 things to consider before you open the office again.

Back to the office infographic

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