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Ensuring that our systems and data are secure is critical in the modern organisation. This is only possible if we ensure that we get the security basics right and have a secure baseline upon which to build.


An excellent starting point is the national cybersecurity centre’s Cyber Essentials framework which is designed to help you to guard against the most common cyber threats.


Cyber Essentials provides that basis upon which to build your Cybersecurity strategy and can also, importantly, provide you with a certification which you can share with your customers and suppliers to show your commitment to the security of yours and their applications and data.


Achieving Cyber Essentials is straightforward. Review your current infrastructure, compare it to the cyber essentials checklist and as long as you meet the requirements you can attain your certification.


However, it can be tricky for those without a good understanding of their IT systems and of the Cyber Essentials process.


Gardner Systems can help you as we have helped many of our customers to achieve this relevant and useful certification. You can take advantage of our experience to help you achieve the same standards..

The Gardner Systems Cyber Essentials service is a 5-day engagement that takes you through the relevant steps:-


  • Review your setup

  • Provide a GAP analysis between where you are and what is needed to attain certification

  • Carry Out remedial work

  • Help you to complete the Cyber Essentials Assessment before submission


This simple process can help you achieve your certification quickly and efficiently, talk to Gardner Systems today and start your journey to a more secure IT environment.

Making Notes

Learn more about the importance of Cyber Essentials and the significant business benefit it can deliver via our Tech Interviews podcast as Paul Stringfellow and Jason Fitzgerald discuss getting your security basics right.