A Gardner Systems Special Event

Thursday 21st April 2016 At Liverpool Chamber of Commerce


Throughout our highly successful first round of data security myth-busting events we were joined by a stellar list of industry experts from both suppliers and users of data management and security technologies.


During the events we tackled a range of dangerous myths including:-
  • No one is interested in my business, so why should I bother?

  • I’ve got a password, so no one can read my data, can they????…

  • VPN’s the best and only way to deliver secure remote access – isn’t it?

  • It’s all so confusing - I’ve absolutely no idea where to start.


Even with these myths exploded, it was obvious to all that data security is a dynamic, complex and ever evolving challenge. It’s a moving target and there’s a whole host of more myths in data security that if we don’t deal with can leave our businesses very exposed.


In part two of our data security myth busting seminars we will challenge a range of other myths:-


  • Data Encryption, it’s a great idea, but it’s way too difficult to deploy.

  • I’ve got anti-virus and malware detection, that will stop all the security threats won’t it?

  • My data security guys are good – they’ll quickly spot unusual behaviour on my network and fix it.


We will be joined as usual by expert users, leading vendors and a very mixed audience with a very wide spectrum of skills and experience. This is of course a wonderful opportunity for you to share and discuss your data protection challenges with your peers and find out how they are addressing the many challenges that we all now face. Our most valuable business assets is our data and this is a chance for you to develop your own thoughts and strategies in the company of like minded thought leaders.


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