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How COVID-19 has forced us to adapt - July 24th 9.30am.

COVID-19 has changed the world hugely, from our day to day lives to the way our enterprises now operate. If one word has summed up what we have needed both personally and professionally it is "adapt".

We’ve had to adapt to the new day to day norms, businesses have had to find new ways to operate and as technologists, we have had to innovate and adapt to ensure our enterprises keep running now and in the future.

When it comes to our technology and ways of working, what did we initially learn? What have we learned during the preceding months? What are we going take from these experiences to ensure that our future technology plans have the adaptability that we need? And how can we use those experiences to help others in the future?

In our latest digital event, in conjunction with the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority,  we have assembled for you a range of your technology peers who are going to share their experiences of adapting and how they are going to use that to help deliver better services to their enterprises in the future, including topics such as.


  • How do we prepare for the next event?

  • The impact of under-investment, have expectations changed?

  • How do we deal with “soft” issues?

  • How to ensure that we can work effectively from anywhere.

This is going to be a great chance for you to hear from the team at Gardner's alongside guest speakers such as Liverpool City Region Combined Authority, St Helen’s Council and others so you can take their experience and build it into your own IT strategic thinking.

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Date: July 24th from 9.30 am through to 11.00 am


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