The Distributed Storage Challenge - NetApp Global File Cache

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The use of the public cloud continues to grow for enterprises of all types, be it moving large parts of our infrastructure to it, moving to Microsoft 365 or looking at the way we can use cloud tactically to solve traditional IT challenges.

What kind of challenges can we use the cloud to solve? How about an age-old problem like deploying distributed file services across an enterprise?

NetApp Global File Cache
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One of the issues with distributed storage is that many of the storage solutions we deploy in the datacentre are not, by design, built to share files across multiple locations, they are not equipped to efficiently move files around and deal with problems like simultaneous locking of files. 

However, geographic spread, scale and the ability to synchronise activities across multiple locations is what the cloud is designed to do.


NetApp Global File Cache is a technology built on top of the public cloud to take advantage of those capabilities to help solve the traditional problems that distributed storage systems encounter. By using NetApp's own cloud-native storage services Global File Cache allows you to install small "cache appliances" into a location to seamlessly, not only share files and control issues such as access and file locks but also provides a perfect bridge to help a company integrate public cloud storage directly and non-disruptively into their datacentres.

In this Tech Video, NetApp's Jaap Van Duijvenbode joins us to provide a deep dive into this impressive technology and how it can help solve both traditional tech challenges as well as allowing integration with the public cloud.


Jaap shares how Global File Cache.

  • Consolidates and centralises your data into the public cloud.

  • Creates a single set of data for users globally and leverage intelligent file caching to improve global data access.

  • Relies on a self-sustaining, self-managing cache, and eliminate full data copies and backups.

  • Utilises local file caching for active data and to cut storage costs.

  • Transparent access from branch locations through a global namespace with real-time central file locking.

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