Druva - Converging Data Protection


Gardner Systems are proud partners of Druva, one of the world's leading data protection organisations. Druva will be joining Gardners for our 'Logistic of Data Management & Security' event at Eddie Stobart in Warrington, find out more about it here. Druva have a range of tailored products and services to help every company in their quest to protect their data. As a Druva partner, we are here to assist you in finding out what is needed in your business. Druva work on 3 core principles:



Druva products are designed to help you protect your data no matter where it is stored.



They offer a central, high performance cloud to ensure your valuable and critical data is preserved for the right reasons.



Druva's sophisticated systems can analyse your data for compliance audits and eDiscovery needs.



Below we have provided a number of useful Druva resources including 4 videos and an excellent, must-read infographic that asks the questions 'Where in the world is your sensitive data?'



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