Frequently Asked Data Fabric Questions

How do I get started?

The great thing about the data fabric is you can start from pretty much anywhere, the important thing is that we make a start planning how data fabric can enhance your IT and open up access to a range of technologies that can allow you to meet a wide range of technology challenges.


Where can data fabric allow me to store data?

The real power of data fabric is the ability to put your data where it needs to be, if you want full on performance, we can move data to flash. If we need our data in a remote site, but don't have lots of infrastructure that's OK we can deploy our components in a virtual machine.


Need your data in the cloud? that's no problem a cloud instance of our NetApp environment allow us to easily move data there, or maybe we just need it near the cloud, so we can keep data secure and in our control, but use public cloud compute, then our private storage solution allows you to do this.


How do I manage it?

That's where Data Fabric has real value, the ability to manage your data estate with a simple set of tools and the same tools regardless of where you data resides, on-premises, in the cloud, on a virtual machine, it doesn't matter, all of the functions, features and management capabilities are the same across all platforms, this vastly reduces complexity and subsequently cost.


Can my existing equipment be part of a data fabric?

Yes, it can, the very idea of data fabric is not to "rip and replace" all of your current investment, the NetApp data fabric has many points of entry to start you on your journey. Maybe a small discreet virtual instance, maybe a gateway to cloud backup and archive, maybe fabric enabling some existing storage investments, or simply creating your first cloud based fabric element, all of which can be starting points in your data fabric strategy.


Does it cost much to get started?

Always an important question, this stuff all sounds great, but does it cost me a fortune to get started, making it commercially unfeasible? The great news is, now, with data fabric building blocks starting well below £10,000, we can very quickly start you on a cost effective data fabric journey.


I want Data Fabric, what do I do?

That's the easy bit, get in touch, either call us on 0151 220 5552 and speak to our data fabric team, or put your contact details in the box below and we'll call you and start discussing how data fabric can be a key part of your future technology infrastructure.




Thank you for your interest in Data Fabric, we will be in touch soon.