Webinar - Getting More from your NetApp Investment

If you want to make sure:-

  • You’re not wasting expensive capacity

  • You’re only storing key data

  • Your files are secure and not under attack​

Join our webinar on Wednesday 27th February to find out how Gardner Systems, NetApp and Prolion can help you better manage your data.

Join us on Wednesday Feb 27th for this special webinar for NetApp customers. We will join with NetApp partner ProLion to share how their innovative integration with NetApp’s ONTAP operating system can help you better understand the use of and better secure your companies crucial data assets.

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Data management is an ongoing challenge for all organisations, and we are constantly asking, “Are we using our capacity efficiently and not just wasting money storing data that nobody ever uses?”

How do we know if our data is under attack and is being encrypted by a ransomware outbreak?

We all want to ensure that we are getting the best from our NetApp investment and that our data is efficiently held and secure, but how?



Location: Gardner Systems Webinar 

Date: Wednesday 27th February

Time: 11.00am - 12.00pm


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