Improve your compliance with the Microsoft cloud

This session is on-demand (running time 21 minutes)

Data is increasingly crucial to any modern enterprise and managing it is ever more challenging and as it continues to grow in importance and volume the threats to it also continue to grow, from accidental deletion to targeted theft and of course more stringent regulation.

In the face of these challenges, how do we maintain strong governance and compliance control over our data? What tools are there to help us? And how can we improve our compliance posture?

Using the Microsoft Cloud
Image by Alexander Sinn

Many enterprises today are moving more of their data into the public cloud, especially Microsoft's cloud via Microsoft 365. There are many benefits of doing this from scale and flexibility to availability and access. One other area where Microsoft's cloud provides significant value is data compliance.

Microsoft 365 includes many tools that you can freely take advantage of to improve your compliance posture, including the powerful Compliance Score Dashboard. How does it help you improve your data compliance posture?

In this Tech Video, Microsoft's Stefanie Jacobs (@GDPRQueen) joins us to provide an introduction to compliance score and how it helps simplify compliance management by providing:

  • Continuous assessments: automatically scans through your Microsoft 365 environments to detect and monitor the effectiveness of data protection controls in your system.

  • Recommended actions: provides recommendations and step-by-step guidance for how to implement controls to maximize your score.

  • Built-in control mapping: helps you stay current with the evolving compliance landscape by providing a built-in common control framework.

Enjoy our on-demand video and if you have any question please ask your Gardner Systems contact or fill in our simple contact form on the main Tech Videos page.