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What are three of the key challenges we face in today’s enterprise? We would guess ransomware; insider threat and high availability of key platforms would certainly rate high on many lists. If we think about the modern enterprise, we can understand why. However, dealing with them is a complex problem and that is where our partners ProLion can help.

They provide Proactive Data Protection solutions which help organisations to protect, recover, manage, and access their data. These solutions also provide data transparency and compliance while reducing complexity, essential for today’s business.

ProLion is Headquartered in Austria and has over 550 customers who rely on them to keep their data secure and accessible.

Get in touch today to see how Gardner Systems and ProLion can help you deal with the triple threat that is ransomware, insider threat and system unavailability.

Tackling the Security Challenge

Whether it is the way we do business, the way we work, changing threat landscapes or regulation, the constant challenge of dealing with cybersecurity stretches resources and budgets.

A recent survey shared.

  • 48% of small and midsized enterprises say their in-house staff are overwhelmed by the number of security tools to manage

  • 33% of large enterprises say the same

  • 53% report a problematic shortage of cybersecurity skills

These are concerning figures when we consider the risk of a cybersecurity breach and its impact. How do we deal with the problem of taking on the challenge when we are already stretched to breaking point?

The answer may lie in new approaches to cyber threat detection and response. Technology is evolving to provide more intelligent tools to reduce the pressure on our overstrained security teams. But how do these tools help?

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Let’s look at our good friends at Secureworks whose Taegis detect and response platform is helping to arm enterprises with the tools needed to address their cyber security problems.

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As can be seen above these tools aggregate together your security information before applying intelligent analysis to rapidly narrow down and prioritise threats; allowing the enterprise to identify the highest risk and quickly mitigate it.

And if the enterprise resources as still too stretched, then Secureworks offer managed threat and detection services that can work alongside your security teams to relieve the pressure and deal with the risks for you.

Contact the team at Gardner to find out more about detection and response technology and services and how they can help improve your cybersecurity posture.

On the Road with Gardner's 

Two of our team Frank Coward and Jason Fitzgerald were recently invited by our partners at Lenovo to take in lunch, 100ft about the River Thames in London.


This was the first vendor get together we’ve been able to attend since March 2020 and the team had a great time getting to know the Lenovo team and other partners whom until now, we had only met virtually. All whilst getting some great views of the capital.

Watch the video of the event, if your stomach can take it!


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