• frankc57

We're working from home

So how did it all work out?

On Tuesday morning last, having seen which way the wind was blowing we decided to have a dummy run at working remotely even though we were still occupying the building. We use Office UC and Office365 anyway and the very few glitches which were almost all that individuals weren’t properly tested were very soon overcome and everything seemed good to go.

Well last Wednesday we bit the bullet and told everyone to work from home from that night on. There is a local, skeleton staff arrangement at the actual office building, but they are not in contact with each other and are there to take deliveries and manage security.

Thursday morning arrived and we had our first remote Microsoft Teams session. Happily, everyone connected up successfully and our first session lasted just under an hour. My fears that it would not work as well as an office-based environment were totally unfounded. It actually worked much better overall in that everyone was consulted, taken notice of and their ideas and opinions actioned.

Working from home took a bit of getting used to. This was more of a practical issue as you do need to know where all of your “stuff” is! Your favourite pen, pad, monitor – all the familiar touch stones of your working day.

Friday was a blur. The company Teams meeting went well and we worked out the individual and group activities and workloads. Several webinars and online business meetings via Zoom later took me up to early evening. By the time I finished what I needed to it was nearly 8pm; twelve hours after I had started work. That is another very significant point. Everyone talks about the distractions of working from home, but nobody seems to talk about the dangers of over doing it! Over the weekend I kept up the activity, certainly less than Friday, but the job had joined me at home.

So now to Monday morning and our daily Teams meeting. This went very well, was focussed and uncovered some great initiatives from all involved as to how we approach this working week and get the most from it for us and our clients.

From to-morrow, we will invite all of our clients to join our regular online staff meetings at 10am each day and also offer them any further catch ups they might need of their choosing. Our client relationships are critical to us. Their wellbeing is not simply business based because most are personal friends with their own concerns and challenges right now. We intend to use our technology resources to support everyone as before and that means thoughtful and considerate engagement.

Things have certainly changed for all of us. The technology certainly works extremely well and it’s for all of us to adapt and work just as successfully.