• frankc57

We're working from home - so how is it working out?

Didn’t imagine this would turn into some kind of diary but then even a couple of weeks ago I didn’t think we would all be facing the challenges that we are just now.

Tuesday 24th, yesterday, was a day spent catching up with clients and finding out where they were up to. Without exception they of course were primarily concerned as to how they might cope having to worry about family and personal issues whilst still supporting their respective enterprises. This is no small challenge because it is amplified by everyone they might normally be responsible to and for. It was unsettling to hear from them what a mixed bag of responses they had received; bring out the very best but also the worst in people.

Everyone is outside of their normal comfort zone and exceptional circumstances requires exceptional remedies. Each of us needs to be aware that whoever we are dealing with might well be going through an added burden be it personal or business at any one time. Time spent listening and sharing is well spent just now.

To-day, Wednesday we have begun the first in a series of Teams and Zoom catch ups with our colleagues, clients and suppliers. Having a laugh and a joke as part of our exchanges is so important to anyone feeling a bit lost or isolated. They have been a great fillip to-day and let’s hope that continues.

I enjoyed a call this morning with Veeam and how we can offer useful support to our clients during a time when they may be feeling a bit isolated. The current situation is very dynamic, things will evolve and we must be able to provide clients what they genuinely need at a given time rather than anything that may not be of any practicable use to them just now. The sheer globalisation of what we both do and are challenged by is underlined by our conversation being between professionals from the UK, Russia and Romania. Commerce carries on, but not at the price of simple human interaction and empathy.

We will from to-morrow be organising web conference calls with those end users who just want to share their successes and problems. That is just an opportunity for a group of folk to share experiences and possible solutions. We will of course continue to offer tailored webex solution conferences to specific users as will we continue our normal programme of web based technical and business events.

It would be surprising if we don’t learn more lessons in the coming weeks, it’s how we learn from them that will matter.