Securing Teams with Varonis

This session is on-demand (running time 55 minutes)

One of the many substantial changes that we've seen at the beginning of 2020 is the rapid adoption of technology that offers more flexible ways for us to operate and provide us with effective means of communication and collaboration between staff and customers.

This shift is perhaps best epitomised by one product, Microsoft Teams. Teams has become the "go to" platform for many enterprises looking to communicate and collaborate and has been widely and rapidly adopted across the globe. 

However this rapid adoption, driven by necessity for most, aided by the ease with which it could be deployed has come with some unforeseen consequences. 

The Teams challenge
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For many, this ease of availability and adoption has meant Teams has been deployed without many the normal processes that you would expect when delivering a new enterprise application and while Teams is intuitive to use and easy to adopt, technically it is complex as it straddles many Microsoft 365 components, SharePoint, OneDrive, Exchange and Streams for example.

This lack of understanding of the impact of Teams has led to the real risk that businesses have left holes in their data security, information too easy to share, too easy to present to the outside world and security measures that are easy to get wrong. 

In this video, Steve Nesbitt of Varonis joins us to show how, with the right tools, you can gain the insight to not only allow Teams to deliver the effective collaboration that you need, but to do that in a way that does not put your data and your business at risk.

In this video find out.

  • Do you know what really happens behind the scenes when a user creates a new Team in Office 365? (More than you think!)

  • Where do files go when you share them with a Teams channel? (Hint: check SharePoint.)

  • How can an O365 admin see which sensitive files have been shared outside a Team via links? (Do you have an hour?)


Enjoy our on-demand video and if you have any question please ask your Gardner Systems contact or fill in our simple contact form on the main Tech Videos page.