Studying Abroad - Gardner takes key customers to Amsterdam

Over the last two years Gardner has developed a very interesting relationship with Huawei. They have an extremely impressive and competitive range of products and solutions in communications, storage and software; with IT solutions providing a key component within the overall portfolio.

Check out their site for yourself:-

We now run monthly study tours for users to the Huawei technical briefing centre in Amsterdam in 2014. The agenda is:-

  • Thursday lunchtime departure from UK airport to Amsterdam

  • Thursday afternoon – check into hotel

  • Thursday evening dinner with Huawei in Amsterdam

  • Friday morning, visit Huawei Technology Centre for briefing ( 2-3 hrs)

  • Friday afternoon, departure from Schiphol airport for late afternoon return to UK.

The entire trip is free of charge.

We have already completed a number of visits with key local corporate enterprises and to date everyone has been very impressed, you might feel the same way.

Let us know if this is of interest to you.

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