IBM XSeries Takeover - Lenovo Channel Partner Event

Paul and Frank attended this event to find out more about the possible takeover of all of IBM’s x86 server range known to all of us as Xseries. The event was held at St Georges Park which is the English Football Association's national football centre, housed on a 330-acre site at Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire. So not only were they able to get the latest information from Lenovo on their comprehensive range of tablets, laptops, desktops and monitors - they were also both able to examine the football memorabilia that the FA has put on show – result!

They did bring back some interesting technical points back however:-

  • The Technology Business Research (TBR) reports that Lenovo ThinkStations are 24% more reliable and offer 4x the memory capacity of the competition.

  • Competitive notebooks have a 25% higher failure rate, with competitive desktops failing at an even higher rate of 40%.

  • They were introduced to the new 1 litre Desktop and the Yoga technology which have given Lenovo an important edge.

We will soon be launching some key sales and technical initiatives with Lenovo so watch out for some new programmes designed to help our clients even more than before.

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