Supporting International Festival for Business

Whilst we have been very busy recently working to promote the Liverpool IFB2014, Paul Stringfellow (Technical Director) has been sharing his view on emerging Technology via his new blog.

When asked about the new project:

Paul:"I thought a BLOG site would be a nice idea to share my random thoughts on some of the great technology I get to see, some of the great uses our customers have and to share some of the interesting technical strategic direction as I see it."

His first blog covers the Liverpool International Festival for Business, what it means to business in the Northwest along with interesting IT considerations.

First Post - Supporting the International Festival for Business

"I’ve been meaning for ages to start up a bit of a blog.

Why? Well one of the real plusses of my day to day job is getting to meet lots of interesting people both customers and suppliers to look at interesting problems and help to deliver solutions and often I’ve thought, I should start a BLOG and share some of that with…well anyone who wants to have a read, be that nobody, one person or a few, doesn’t really matter.

But where do you start? Well really I wanted this BLOG to be about stuff I do that interests me and would hopefully interest others as well. So one of the things filling my time at the minute is the international festival for business that is currently being held in Liverpool." [....more]

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