Backing up Microsoft 365 and Teams with Veeam

Microsoft’s 365 platform has increasingly become a staple in the modern enterprise, with many businesses either having already moved to or are considering moving some of their services to Microsoft’s cloud.

2020 has accelerated this shift with the scale, flexibility and simplicity of cloud-based services delivering real value to those that needed to rapidly evolve the way they operate to meet new business demands.

This move has brought to the fore a key question “how do I protect my data in Microsoft 365?”. In this blog I aim to provide some guidance on answering that question and why for many of our customers Veeam’s Microsoft 365 solutions are the right tool for protecting their key data assets.

Do I need to protect 365?

Unhelpfully the answer is, it depends.

Firstly, it is important to understand Microsoft’s Shared Responsibility Model, which makes Microsoft’s position very clear.

It is your data it is your responsibility.

Can I use Microsoft tools?

Microsoft does offer a range of data protection and retention capabilities retention policies, legal hold and recycle bins can all help to retain and recover data. But it is important to appreciate these are not designed for backup, which leads to real challenges when using them as a means of recovery at any kind of scale.

While these native capabilities can be useful they are often inadequate to meet enterprise recovery needs.

The Teams challenge

Teams has become vital for many enterprises during 2020, however, Teams presents a problem for data protection, so when making your decision it’s important to understand why.

Teams itself is not an application, the client is more of an aggregation of 365 services that are integrated to offer the collaboration and messaging platform that we see via the Teams client.

It is this amalgamation of multiple tools that presents a challenge especially when we consider effective recovery. While many vendors (although not all) can back up the component parts, many of them have no cohesive capability for recovery.

Still, In many cases the 365 data protection vendors are only offering the option to recover the individual parts and once that is done it is down to you to manually rebuild your Teams environment. Imagine doing that for 50, 500 or even 5000 users! The number of sites and channels you would have to manually recreate would be unworkable.

What else to consider?

When it comes to choosing a solution for protecting 365 what do we suggest an enterprise considers?


Does the solution protect and provide effective recovery for all of the elements of 365 that are critical to me?

Flexibility and Choice

Does the solution provide me with the flexibility I need in terms of licencing, deployment, and scale?


Is the vendor keeping up with the development of 365 with their data protection plans, or are they running months behind?


Can the solution grow and perform to meet my needs?


Not only is it closely integrated with 365 and its component parts, but does it have the support of an ecosystem broad enough to meet my needs?

Breadth of Service

Does the service offer me options for protecting beyond my cloud data? What about my hybrid 365 elements can they be protected by the same tool?

Why we choose Veeam.

The focus of this blog was about protecting 365 with Veeam, so why would I recommend Veeam’s Backup for Office 365 product?

There are two key points.

Industry-leading protection of Teams.

Teams is crucial to so many of the enterprises we work with that an extensive and intuitive recovery solution for it is essential. Version 5 of Veeam’s Backup for Office 365 (VBO) tool delivers just that via their popular and powerful “explorer” technology. Explorers provide a simple, intuitive, and highly powerful way to traverse your data protection repositories and quickly identify and recover your business data.

In businesses where Teams is critical, this is reason enough for them to consider Veeam’s VBO solution.


While Gardner Systems has access to a range of managed service solutions for 365, for some enterprise they demand the flexibility they can only get with deploying their own data protection solution.

They need the option to deploy in the datacentre or in the cloud, place storage repositories where they need them to be and the ability to scale to meet ever-changing demands.

And Veeam meets all of these requirements with a market-leading solution.

If Microsoft 365 is part of your business and you are looking to ensure you protect your data, then talk to the team here at Gardner Systems and let us share with you how we alongside Veeam can ensure you get the right data protection to meet your enterprise demands.

Want to know more?

You can book an appointment here with our team to discuss how Gardner Systems and Veeam can help you find the right solution to protect your Microsoft 365 data.