Building a modern data platform - Introduction

I always enjoy discussing with our customers the world of data,

it has played a significant part in my career over the last 20 years and today data is more central than ever too what many of us are trying to achieve in our businesses.

Where previoulsy our data convesations may have focussed on how to store it today that is no longer enough, we need to consider much more, while storing it effectively and efficiently is important so is its availability, security, privacy and increasingly finding ways to extract value from it, whether that’s data is production, archive or backup, we want it do more and deliver a competitive edge to our organisations.

To do this needs us to develop a startegy, one focussed on our data, one that will dictate how we collect and use data in our business and how to build a modern platform that will hold that data in a way fit to meet today's demends.

While the strategy is crucial, often I get asked, how do we practically build a platform to deliver a modern data strategy?

That’s a good question as seeing practical examples of we can meet the goals of a data strategy can be very valuable.

With that in mind I’ve put together this series of blogs to go through the elements of a data strategy and share some of the practical technology components that you can use to build a platform that will get the best from your data assets.

In the fortcoming posts I'll explore how these components deliver flexibility, maintain security and privacy, provide governance control and insights, as well as interaction with hyperscale cloud providers to ensure you can exploit analytics, AI and Machine Learning.

Over the next few weeks I hope to provide some practical examples of the technology you can to deliver a modern data strategy, I hope you enjoy the series and find the examples useful as you embark on your own journey to build a modern data platform.

Read part two of this series - The Storage

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