Covid19 - Remote Working Bulletin

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OK, so you have an immediate requirement to provide remote working to maintain some degree of productivity and the business is stating that they wanted this yesterday so what do you do?

Without going into far too much detail quite simply there are two complimentary paths you can take. If you need access to internal system then you need a VPN, most decent firewalls have VPN capabilities and in some cases you’ll just need to configure your firewall to enable and then inform your users how to connect. Bingo! If you don’t have a VPN option or your existing VPN is struggling then a rental model is a good option for you. Get in touch if you’d like a helping hand to get up and running.

To enable employees to keep in touch via video meetings (we do this daily which has really helped!) and file sharing then Microsoft Office 365 – specifically Microsoft Teams is your best bet here. There is a limited free usage tier although be aware that for the more security conscious will want to do some tweaking before onboarding users.

Microsoft Teams

As always there are security considerations to be made and so it’s important to understand the implications of deploying such solutions. If you’d like to talk about any of the above or simply fancy a chat because you’ve already done the 2020 Garage sort out and mowed the lawn (#remoteworking) then feel free.

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