Gardner in partnership with Catalogic Software providing an enhanced suite of NetApp solutions

Gardner is working in partnership with Catalogic Software to provide a suite of solutions to help our NetApp customers deliver better security and data management for their data.

Second up is Restore Manager

Provides a full catalogue and detailed reporting on your NetApp file system (CIFS & NFS Data)

Trying to find a file in your NetApp environment can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Restore manager creates a full catalogue of the entire environment meaning that searching and recovering data is made instant and easy. In addition it can provide detailed reporting from the catalogued information, such as data by age, size, type, last accessed. How much of your data is stale and taking up valuable primary storage resource? RM can show you where it lives and provide ways to move it out to a less expensive storage medium.

Restore Manager (RM) - Immediately after a new Snapshot of a volume has been generated, RM uses the SnapDiff API to gather the relevant metadata from the files and folders and loads this data to its central database. Searching is now easy with this central index in place. A single click restores the files you find to a specific folder or to their original location. Many filters enable targeted searching:-

  • By file name, parts of the name or file path, with wildcards being permitted

  • By data type or file ending: jpg, xls, doc, ppt, etc.

  • By deletion period

  • By creation period

  • By file size

  • Bespoke Kibana reports

RM can selectively index primary systems only, secondary systems only, or both. The choice is up to the users and depends on file recovery requirements. RM supports all versions of the ONTAP O/S for NetApp primary storage systems. For NetApp SnapVault and SnapMirror targets, RM works with ONTAP and NetApp Cloud Backup (formerly AltaVault). RM also includes a full Kibana dashboard for creating data analytics reports. Data reporting is included at no additional cost; helping customers identify stale or unused data.

Restore Manager Data Sheet

Restore Manager Video

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