Gardner partners with Catalogic, offering improved data security and management to NetApp users.

1) CryptoSpike

Protects the NetApp files system (CIFS & NFS data) from ransomware attacks, and provides clear visibility of user access.

Ransomware is a hot topic and hits all manner of business’s both public and private causing financial and reputational damage. File systems on NetApp are a target and are vulnerable to such attacks. CryptoSpike provides blocking and detection of Ransomware across the NetApp file systems, ensuring that an attack is identified and quickly remedied. As part of its AI capabilities, CryptoSpike also enables you to track all user activity on your file system (reads, writes, deletes etc), providing full visibility of your users activity.

2) Restore Manager

Provides a full catalogue and detailed reporting on your NetApp file system (CIFS & NFS Data)

Trying to find a file in your NetApp environment can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Restore manager creates a full catalogue of the entire environment meaning that searching and recovering data is made instant and easy. In addition we can provide detailed reporting from the catalogued information, such as data by age, size, type, last accessed. How much of your data is stale and taking up valuable primary storage resource? We can show you where it lives and provide ways to move it out to a less expensive storage medium.

3) NDMP backup

We have found that many NetApp customers tend to be paying way too much money for NDMP backup, usually paying standard pricing from the big backup players. NDMP for most is a necessity, but shouldn’t cost the same as more elegant backup technologies. We can provide you with very cost effective NDMP backup. In addition the solution we provide has file indexing, meaning its possible to do single file recovery from NDMP, as well as pushing out to cloud storage. Freeing up spend.


) ECX Snapshot Management

Provides a single tool for snapshot and replication management and data re-use functionality (SQL, VMWare, Oracle)

Many enterprises today are looking at ways to drive more value from snapshots and backup data. With ECX we automate and orchestrate snapshotting and replication management, and provide a catalogue of the snaps, vaults and mirrors. The tool can then enable your users to self-serve copies of their own data for multiple use cases such as testing, development, devops, analytics reporting. No more manual, full copies of databases taking hours or days, but instantly mounted zero footprint copies ready to use.

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