Optimised NDMP backup (Network Data Management Protocol)

Gardner is working with partner Catalogic Software to provide a suite of solutions to help our NetApp customers deliver better security and data management for their data.

Many NetApp customers are paying far too much for NDMP backup; paying standard pricing from the big backup players. NDMP for most is a necessity, but shouldn’t cost the same as more elegant backup technologies. We can provide a very cost effective NDMP backup. In addition our solution has file indexing, so it’s possible to do single file recovery from NDMP, as well as pushing out to cloud storage and freeing up spend.

NDMP provides an open standard for network-based backup of network-attached storage (NAS) devices such as those from NetApp and DellEMC Isilon. NDMP is a valuable tool for protecting NAS data, as well as offloading it for long-term storage to disk, tape or cloud. Catalogic helped pioneer NDMP backups and remains a leader in supporting NDMP for multiple vendor NAS systems. With Catalogic DPX, you can have an easy to use and extremely cost effective standalone NDMP solution, or you can deploy DPX as a complete backup solution, with NDMP as a component.

For more information on Catalogic DPX, watch this

3 minute explainer video


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