So why bother changing our mindset?

We’ve recently spent an inordinate amount of time looking further into AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine learning technology. This very afternoon has been spent with experts from IBM discussing their Watson based solutions, experiences and routes to market.

We now have a number of clients who have gone through the phase of reducing their overall data perimeter and have successfully shrunk it down to highly managed and protected proportions. What they can now do with that managed data has of course radically widened their options. These latter vary from cost savings on storage and back-up, through lower maintenance costs and simply much better security. These particular clients are the main reason for our investment in what are future technologies for many.

In short, the more data held in an inadequately managed manner significantly reduces the options to engage in future technologies. So, what are those options?

AI or Artificial Intelligence, is where intelligence is defined as an ability to acquire and apply knowledge. ML stands for Machine Learning which is the acquisition of knowledge or a skill. The aim is to increase chance of success and not accuracy.

Faster computing, richer data, and smarter algorithms have converged to make AI powerful and practical and to-day it is possible to put AI to work in any industry. AI can help unlock the value of data in entirely new, profound ways. By freeing users from repetitive tasks, it is possible to empower staff to focus on more creative, higher-value work. With insights from AI software, it is now possible to predict and shape future business outcomes, while rethinking practices and with AI

Forward looking enterprises are already deploying the most promising and disruptive technologies that can transform industries and society in general and their business in particular. To more easily engage the future with AI machine learning, blockchain, quantum computing and the next technology innovations they do not need to be held back by being literally rooted in their past data and redundant support systems.

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