What is making you unhappy to-day?

I know a lot of IT professionals who just aren’t happy with where they are, and as we rush headlong towards the second half the year, there’s little prospect of that changing for them.

They’re just about getting by, but they’re working every hour under the sun, and they don’t get the time and space to do the things that really matter to them.

So, what is making them unhappy?

· Decreasing resources in terms of staff, resources and time?

· Colleagues who are unwilling to face change and deal with it effectively?

· Staff who want to just do more of the same. “Let’s just scale up and out like we always have - it’s easy.”

· End users who just will not do as they are requested and then blame IT for problems.

· Spend most days firefighting not making sustainable change improvements.

If you had enough support, then you’d make enough progress to cope better, stress less and generally help both yourselves, your colleagues and the business.

But what if you were able to break this cycle – would your life be better, and would you have more free time?

Because you can. Just give me a call and I would be happy to explain how.

Frank Coward



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