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Keeping ahead of the latest technology trends is tough, you don't always get time to attend an event or join a webinar, but it is important to stay informed so you can keep on top of some of the latest trends and how they may impact you.

With that in mind we have launched our Tech Video series alongside some of our key partners to ensure you can keep up to date with how they are tackling some of the biggest challenges in enterprise IT.


All videos are free to watch with no need to register if you would like to find out more on any of the topics ask your Gardner contact or fill in our contact form at the foot of this page. 

Click on the link in the session description below to watch and regularly check back to this page for new videos.

Protecting Microsoft 365 and Teams with Veeam

This session is on-demand (running time 45 minutes)

Microsoft’s 365 platform has increasingly become a staple in the modern enterprise, with many businesses either having already moved to or are considering moving some of their services to Microsoft’s cloud.  

This move has brought to the fore a key question “how do I protect my data in Microsoft 365?”.

In this on-demand recording, we are joined by Veeam technologist Karinne Bessette as we aim to provide you with a guide on how to find the right approach to protect your data in 365 and we look at the specific challenges caused by Teams.

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Image by fabio

The Distributed Storage Challenge - NetApp Global File Cache

This session is on-demand (running time 57 minutes)

Improve your compliance with the Microsoft cloud

This session is on-demand (running time 21 minutes)

Image by Alexander Sinn

Securing Teams with Varonis

This session is on-demand (running time 55 minutes)

Tier to the cloud

Available on-demand (running time 35 minutes)

Data Cloud
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Enhanced NAS Backup

Available on-demand (running time 50 minutes)

How to better manage your NetApp data 

Available on-demand (running time 30 minutes)

Image by Joshua Sortino
Image by Michael Geiger

Can you recover from Ransomware? 

Available on-demand (running time 30 minutes)

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