Join us at this unique event hosted by Gardner Systems and Liverpool City Region Combined Authority on Friday, March 29th.

In an ever-changing business world where we constantly must meet new demands to remain competitive and relevant, the challenges are significant. We are all being asked to look at how we can “transform” our businesses and how we can use technology to help us to do it.

Where do we start? Who’s actually doing this kind of thing? Can I get advice? Can I chat with people in the same situation? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to meet with others to discuss how they are handling transformation and how they are trying to deliver change? Wouldn’t that be hugely helpful?


We thought so too, so on 29th March, we’d like to invite you to join us to hear from people in exactly the same situation as you.

We have teamed up with Liverpool City’s Combined Authority to hear how they are handling change on a big scale, what this means for them and what it means for those of us who live and work in the Liverpool City Region. We will hear from;

Liverpool Combined Authority.jpg
  • Metro Mayor, Steve Rotherham on the task ahead.

  • Frank Rogers, the CEO of the Combined Authority on addressing change at a regional level and how that translates to local businesses.

  • John Whaling, the Digital Infrastructure Lead will share the Authority’s plans for delivering technology that will provide opportunity and empower businesses across our City Region.

  • Ian Hawkins, the Technology Strategy lead on the practical challenges of building technology to deliver such a wide remit of change

  • A Panel of Local IT Execs and decision makers who will answer your questions on how they too are addressing these problems in their businesses and sharing some tips to help you succeed.

For anyone involved in their organisation's transformation project or looking at how to build a technology strategy that will be relevant for them in the future, this event is a must. Please join us on Friday 29th March from 9.30 through to 12.30 at 1 Mann Island, Liverpool, to hear about the challenges of transformation and how to find some answers to help.


After a morning of debate and information, there will be a chance to relax with an exclusive guided tour of the Mersey Tunnels; a chance to understand their history and the part they’ll play in the Cities future.


This event is by invite only, if you would like to attend then please enter your details below.