Varonis – Insiders Are the New Malware


Data protection specialists, Varonis, are one of Gardner Systems key partners. We have been proudly recommending and supplying Varonis products for decades. We're pleased to announce Varonis will be speaking at a number of upcoming Gardner Systems events (find out about the latest here) about how easy it is for someone or something to hack in to your data and, more importantly, what you can do to fight back.


The ‘Insiders Are The New Malware’ presentation will cover:


  • It’s easy to get inside

  • Once you’re in, it’s easy to steal information

  • How to stop insider threats with Inside-Out Security

    • Detect

    • Prevent

    • Sustain


Varonis have kindly provided us with a selection of their white papers. These papers (downloadable below) will give you a thorough insight in to a range of issues and solutions with regards data security.







Security has become a business problem. Though organizations have invested in security, they know they’re not really protected. The recent string of headline-making breaches has not been lost on the C-level suite. Security personnel, for the most part, know their biggest areas of risk, know they have a short window to get something done and know they have a limited budget.


So what to do? The answer is surprisingly simple: protect unstructured data!


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Active Directory is at the heart of the IT infrastructure for nearly every organization. In companies of any size, sysadmins rely upon Active Directory (AD) to help manage and authenticate user accounts, control access to workstations, servers, or applications, and enforce policies across a wide range of devices.


Since access to almost all critical data and systems relies on AD, it is one of the most important technologies to protect. Below are tried-and-true tips, tricks, and best practices based upon years of experience and distilled into four primary steps, culled from the collective knowledge of the AD Admins and security professionals who are in the trenches with us every day.


Four steps to secure Active Directory:

1. Baseline 2. Restrict 3. Clean-up 4. Monitor



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CryptoLocker is by now a well known piece of malware that can be especially damaging for any data-driven organization. Once the code has been executed, it encrypts files on desktops and network shares and “hold for ransom”, prompting any user that tries to open the file to pay a fee to decrypt them. For this reason, CryptoLocker and its variants have come to be known as “ransomware.”


Malware like CryptoLocker can enter a protected network through many vectors, including email, file sharing sites, and downloads. New variants have successfully eluded anti-virus and firewall technologies, and it’s reasonable to expect that more will continue to emerge that are able to bypass preventative measures. In addition to limiting the scope of what an infected host can corrupt through buttressing access controls, detective and corrective controls are recommended as a next line of defense.

Insider Threats: Malice, Mistakes and Mountain Lions


The goal of this whitepaper is to help you understand the most common insider threats and provide actionable tips to help protect against them. First we’ll takea look at the actors involved in insider breaches and dissect the anatomy of a typical breach. Then we’ll review some of the stats from Verizon’s annual DBIR (Data Breach Investigations Report) and draw lessons from real world breaches. Next, we’ll talk about irrational biases we have as humans and how they impact our ability to accurately quantify risk. Lastly, we’ll walk through six things you should be doing to mitigate insider threats.



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