Workshop - How to build your data management future

Join us on November 29th to learn how to build your automated, intelligent, secure data management future

By 2020 how would you like a fully automated, secure, protected, data platform?


One that had the intelligence to identify your data, its contents, the sensitivity of those contents and then make smart decisions on the way that content was handled?


Would you want to know that every piece of data that your business created, was stored appropriately and that the right people knew where it was? Further, you knew it was controlled so it couldn’t be leaked and lost, that it was backed up based on its sensitivity and not on a pre-defined backup schedule.



future data.jpg

That's the reality of how a secure, intelligent, modern data platform should be.


How do you build one?


Join us at our next Gardner Systems workshop as we show you the art of the possible and help you to figure out how you get from where you are today, to delivering an automated and intelligent platform.

Location: Gardner Systems 

Date: 29th November 2018

Time: 9.30am - 12:00pm 


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