Who we are and what we do


Gardner Systems are IT specialists based in the City of Liverpool. Formed in 1985 we have provided IT services to businesses of all types across not only our region but across the country and the world.

In a company in business as long as we have been, then the things we do have had to change and evolve, we can't still be supplying Commodore Pets to the local business community.


We are often asked, “What is it you do these days? Are they still things that are relevant to me? Isn't it all just Cloud and AI these days?” Well, do not fear, we still do all the things you would expect from a Value Added Reseller. This is not just jargon, we really do add value to our customers’ requirements.


We continue to supply hardware, software, training, maintenance and support services; making sure we leverage the maximum value from them on behalf of the client. Indeed, we frequently explain to clients that we no longer sell to them, rather we buy on their behalf.


However, alongside our traditional strengths, you'll find us offering our skills, expertise and value in areas you may not expect, from significant consultancy projects to cloud migrations, from data strategies to cyber essentials, Gardner Systems offer services to help with the most demanding of current and future IT needs.


If you asked us to boil it down to what we essentially do then the answer would be;


"We take away our customers IT pains, helping them to look good within their enterprise and feel good for hitting their goals. It's as simple as that."

Gardner always offers highly valuable advice and practical assistance in just about anything you can require. Where we can’t do it in house, we can usually find someone reliable that can do it for us. With a 35 year history, we have a wide spectrum of core skills that are rich in experience, determination and contacts.

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Our team



Every person in our organisation believes in our company ethos "to provide the best solution to meet the business needs of our customers".


Gardner Systems was established in 1985 and has a tradition of retaining its’ investment in the training and experience of our key staff; each of whom averages more than 20 years with us. We have unparalleled experience of providing solutions to SME, Corporate, Public Sector and Educational organisations.


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A new IT sustainability initiative

Sustainability is a phrase that is becoming increasingly commonplace. It is also one that is becoming increasingly important. There is no doubt as people we are more aware of the environmental impact our decisions make on our planet. The IT industry should be no different.


As an industry, it is not only large, but it also impacts almost all of society. Therefore, if we in the industry and those who make IT decisions in their enterprises can do better when it comes to sustainability, IT can be a significant force for good.


That has encouraged Gardner Systems to start to develop a new initiative focussed on sustainable IT, making sure we and our customers can make better IT choices.


In this video, Paul Stringfellow speaks with Gardner CEO, Frank Coward, about what's behind the initiative and what we can do next to make better decisions for our business and our planet.

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