Enhanced NAS Backup

This session is on-demand (running time 50 minutes)

As the data we hold and the demands we place on it continues to evolve, so does how we store it. One significant change is how we use network-attached storage (NAS). 


The world of NAS has changed over the years, historically being used as a central location to store and share user files and home directory data. Today, it is used much more widely and is now the home of databases, virtual machine infrastructure and other critical business data.


This has driven changes to the scalability that you can now through your NAS infrastructure with the data they hold currently measured in Petabytes and continues to grow exponentially.


Challenges of NAS and unstructured data

This NAS based data growth brings a major challenge in how it can be protected efficiently. Several large unstructured data sets are not being protected today because of their sheer size, with traditional NAS backup tools and methodologies no longer adequate to meet either the protection or crucially recovery demands of today's enterprise, this has meant that data protection vendors have needed to find new ways to tackle this problem.

In this latest of our Gardner Tech Video series we speak with Veeam Global Technologist Michael Cade about how the new enhanced NAS backup solution available in Version 10 of their industry leading Availability Suite of products is changing how enterprises can protect and recover crucial NAS data as never before.

We explore how Veeam have met their goals to;

  • Make NAS backup simple, yet powerful enough to fit the standards of Veeam Backup & Replication

  • Build a flexible solution that will meet workload needs anywhere, even across commodity hardware

  • Reliably scale to protect massive amounts of data, for even the largest of enterprise organisations

Enjoy our on-demand video and if you have any question please ask your Gardner Systems contact or fill in our simple contact form on the main Tech Videos page.

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