NetApp – Data Management & Cloud Storage Solutions


For many NetApp are seen as a "traditional enterprise" storage provider, however, while they still provide storage to the enterprise, they offer much more. Today NetApp are leaders in data management providing comprehensive data management capabilities from datacentre to the edge to the cloud. Their data fabric capability underpins data platforms around the world for organisations big and small helping them to modernise and management capabilities fit for the demands of the modern business.

Gardner Systems have worked with NetApp for over 10 years providing solutions for a wide range of clients and our Technical Director, Paul Stringfellow, as part of the 'NetApp A-Team' works closely with NetApp's global leadership to understand NetApp strategy and how that will help business deal with the data challenges fo tomorrow. 

Where Do NetApp Fit In Your Data Strategy?

In business today, your data is no doubt everywhere, carried on different formats, sitting with different (protected) products and cloud storage solutions. Having a robust and clear data strategy is imperative to both managing and storing your data.


NetApp understands the need for a clear strategy and they provide this via their own 'Data Fabric'. It is not just a strategy, it is the technology architecture for the future of data management. It helps you contain, manage and secure all of your data.

Read more about Data Fabric here.

Making data platforms affordable

While modernisation of traditional data platforms sounds attractive, it can come at a price.

However, NetApp is making huge strides in lowering the barriers to your data platform modernisation by introducing the new C190, all flash, cloud-connected storage array.


The perfect platform for those workloads that demand low latency in the smaller environment it is simple, smart, and secure enterprise-class flash system for an affordable price.


Designed for IT generalists, it helps customers meet their storage requirements with operational efficiency, data security, and effortless cloud integration.  


NetApp's ONTAP operating system provides more effective capacity, data protection and helps automatically tier cold data or backup to Google Cloud, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and other public cloud service providers to reduce overall solution costs.

Find out more about the C190 and NetApp Flash here.