Gardner Systems In the Business Community

One of the greatest challenges our customers face is "how to keep up?". We all operate in the fast-moving technology sector and understand the need to keep abreast of changes and trends to best serve our business.

But how are supposed to do that when our entire week is consumed by keeping our current technology users and businesses operating.

A key part of our work at Gardner Systems has always focussed on providing those who operate in our business community abreast of the very latest technologies and trends alongside providing them with the opportunity to get to know their peer group from across a wide range of industries. By providing a platform where people can share information, we believe everyone gets the chance to learn more to help them deliver better technology, services and end results to their business.

To facilitate this Gardner provides two key client programmes, which all are welcome to join;

CIO Forum

For many years Gardner has been running a regular programme of CIO Forums. These have proven to be extremely successful and enable a well-informed group of regional CIOs to informally meet and network; giving them a great opportunity to both offer and seek advice from their peers.


These meetings are open to all IT influencers but are increasingly attracting interest and attendance from non-technical business users who wish to explore and expand their use of digital technologies within their own areas of specialist interest.


Agendas for these meetings are frequently provided by Gardner based upon what we see is of most interest to our clients in any period. We are of course most happy to stage bespoke events which respond to an area of technology requested by an attendee.


If you would like more information on these events, please contact us.

Business Conference

Seminars and Workshops


Gardner Systems offers a regular series of seminars based around themes we believe are of most interest to our clients. These currently include: -


  • Managing a 365 migration

  • Managing a Cloud adoption strategy

  • Defining and writing several data strategies

  • Managing a large infrastructure migration

  • Organising data security

  • Business Continuity plans

  • Cyber Essentials accreditations


Our workshops are usually a half to two-day sessions commissioned by client(s) to address a specific area of concern to them and are often attended by IT staff groups.