We talk Computers but Speak English

Tired of all the jargon and not sure you understand the implications of the technical conversation you just had? Gardner staff are comfortable working with any point of contact within your business be that a highly technical person or someone that just wants IT to work and deliver a business benefit.


We have a long tradition of delivering innovative technology from our global presence partners to our clients in ways they can both understand, afford and gain a competitive advantage from.


IT Consultancy


We at Gardner believe that our consultancy services must go way beyond the traditional and somewhat predictable technical services anyone might expect from a company such as ours.


We leverage our incomparable levels of experience and training to instead listen carefully to our clients and then deliver back to them the advice they really seek in a manner they can readily absorb into a business initiative.


In our minds, technology – however simple or complex must serve the business drivers of any enterprise. To that end we offer consultancy services from point solutions to full blown IT strategies running in some cases to delivery periods of years rather than months.


Hosted Solutions

We offer enhanced application software, business continuity and disaster recovery to our customers through hosted solutions.


For those that prefer to keep internal control over specific applications we also tailor hybrid solutions.





Keep your systems and infrastructure safe and your users protected.


Security is no longer just a perimeter defence consideration. It involves everyone throughout increasingly complex interactive business lives.


This one area is today one of the most significant investment areas for enterprises. We now operate in an interactive world which has created some of the greatest challenges to us there has ever been. Security isn’t just something that takes place in the office, ensure your users remain protected at all times even when at home or on the move. Gardner has a most extensive portfolio of security partners and solutions available to our clients.



Infrastructure Support


Servers, Storage and Networking is the backbone of your business. Through our flexible TechTime product our highly qualified Engineers can assist with any issues you may have to help you get the most out of your environment.


Our experience and attention to detail are just two of the reasons that many of the UKs largest Enterprises trust us with their IT systems.

Data Governance


Your data is central to quite literally everything you do with your IT. It is unique to your business and is vital to its wellbeing.


80% of businesses that lose their data never recover.


Through our unique experiences and portfolio of products and services, we can help you to understand where your data is and identify who has access to specific areas. Do you ever wonder why you are storing so much information on expensive storage without ever knowing how much you really need and for whom?


Tier-One vendors - that's all we use!


Most users do not even know that many manufacturers do not conform to Tier 1 standards. These only offer equipment has been developed under the most stringent of conditions and not field tested on their clients; in days of increasing convergence and collaboration this means equipment you can rely upon.