Welcome to the new Gardner Systems

Gardner Systems have been helping its customers solve business problems with IT since 1985. As you can imagine we have been through some changes in that time. As our business evolves it’s important that shows in everything we do, including our website and branding.   

The last few years have had some big changes for us, as it has for many of our customers. With that in mind we felt that our brand and website needed to reflect those changes. Some of you will have already seen those changes, but we thought it would a nice idea to share with you the changes we have made and the thinking behind them. 

Our goal was to create a new brand and website that would more clearly convey our message and values. Our new logo is in the form of a cloud. This seemed to make sense as the cloud is such a core part of today’s IT thinking. This made it an ideal fit as our logo, giving those who are new to us an insight into what we’re about before they learn anything else. 

We wanted the new website to be laid out in a way that would be easy and appealing for visitors to use and understand. The information has been split into small manageable chunks that tell visitors exactly what they need to know about each service without any unnecessary waffle. Our focus is always on the customer and how our services can support and benefit them throughout their business growth. No matter what IT service you need help with, whether it’s the cloud, security, data, or infrastructure, Gardner Systems can help. 

The team at Gardner Systems are very excited about the new website, branding and the new opportunities it will bring. Explore the site for yourself today and let us know what you think. You can contact us by phone or email if you have any other questions. 

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